Whether you are the kind of person who bakes bread every week or simply makes the occasional cake or pie, baking is an art that most of us would love to do better. Unless you bake for some corporate catering company, you probably don’t get enough practice to make a perfect dessert every time. But as many have said, cooking is art but baking is science.

There are great cooks out there who love t o cook and will hit the kitchen every week with a new masterpiece to share. In fact, the more you find time to get into the kitchen and make a pie or cake, the better you will be at it and the more relaxed you will feel baking as you gain mastery of the skill. Still, there are a few tips we can share that will help you to have better success in the kitchen the next time you tackle making a baked dessert for that dinner party.

Measure Carefully

Because the relationship of ingredients is so important when it comes to baking, it is key to take your time when you are measuring out for baking. You can throw a bit more carrots into a stew and not mess it up, at least not that much.

But if you put more flour into that cake then the recipe calls for you can have a bit of disaster on your hands. This includes weighing everything carefully, measuring with care and paying attention. I try to get around this by measuring everything out first into little bowls and then following the recipe to know what I am adding and at what point in the recipe.

You Can Experiment, When You know How

While you may want to treat that recipe as some kind of blueprint to success, once you have made it a few times you will start to feel you can experiment with it. If you do change a recipe, make a note of it in the cookbook or recipe you have. I have a favorite muffin recipe that I have changed up with more butter and it works like a charm. But I made a note so I would remember that was my new preferred way to make it.

Embrace New Technologies

There are all kinds of new gadgets out there and some are worth investing in. If it will make baking easier to do, you just might do it more often and get the rewards along with that decision. So, don’t be afraid or feel like you are cheating to try that food processor that cuts down on the chopping time. The bottom line is always about how your baking tastes, not what kind of tools you used to make it.

Take Time to Bake

You should never be rushed when you are planning to bake. If your recipe says it takes 40 minutes to make that cake and you only have 30, save it for another time. The biggest baking disasters happen when you are rushed and so you either miss a step or do one wrong.

In addition, if you make sure you have the time to do it right, you will enjoy the act of baking. So, allow yourself plenty of time when it comes to baking that next masterpiece. You will be glad you did.