If you are planning a visit to Montreal soon, make sure you make a stop at one of the many Ben & Florentine franchises  there. This company offers some delectable menu items across Canada, with some plates available only in specific region: Quebec, Ontario, or Manitoba.

Rather than go into the specific menus of each country, though, let’s just look at a few of the different types of menu items available throughout the franchise. All breakfast plates comes served with the company’s famous potatoes and applesauce; coffee or leaf tea is also included.


Every restaurant chain has something they are famous for serving; at Ben & Florentine that would be the Eggs Benedict.  Here you can choice or a bagel or English Muffin when you order; and, of course, hollandaise sauce:

  • Traditional—bacon or ham
  • Florentine—spinach and cheddar
  • Brie & Portabello
  • Crazy meat—bacon and ham and sausage
  • Geneva—ham, asparagus, and Swiss cheese
  • “The Avocado”—bacon and avocado
  • “Lox”—smoked salmon, red onions, chives, and cream cheese



As a great breakfast joint, Ben & Florentine also serves a handful of house-recipe omelets, made to order.

  • Montebello—brie and portobello mushrooms
  • Vegetarian—red onions, asparagus, dried tomato, roasted red peppers, protobello mushroom, and cheddar cheese
  • Portuguese—chorizo, peppadew peppers, roasted red peppers, and mozzarella cheese
  • Swiss—ham, asparagus, and swiss cheese
  • Smoked Meat—smoked meat and swiss cheese
  • Goat Cheese—spinach and portobello mushroom and goat cheese.
  • Avocado & Spinach—spinach, avocado, and swiss cheese
  • “Eastern”—ham with dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and red onions
  • Choicer Boucher—bacon and ham and sausage and cheddar


If omelets just aren’t your thing, though, Ben & Florentine also offers many egg dishes as well. Most start with 2 eggs and then add:

  • authentic—with bacon, greaves, baked beans, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese
  • Twice blue—with bacon and pancakes with blueberries
  • Gourmandise—with bacon and sausage; as well as a half waffle with almonds, chocolate chips, chocolate hazelnut, and white chocolate
  • Classic—with bacon or ham or sausage, or with greaves and baked beans, or with fresh fruit and choice of potatoes or tomatoes
  • Ten out of Ten—with bacon, ham, sausage, greaves, and baked beans; as well as choice of waffle, French toast, pancake, or crepe
  • Two Eggs (etc)—with chocolate waffles, French toast, pancakes or crepes
  • “Big Ben”—with bacon and ham and sausages