Alright, you’ve grown up. You’ve got your own place. You pay for your own insurance. You even have a wife and kids! So, yeah you have definitely grown up. Growing up is, despite popular belief, actually a really great thing. You can do all sorts of fun, unique and engaging things that you don’t get to do as a kid or adolescent. One thing that’s not only fun but really rewarding is hosting your own dinner party!

As an adult, you can finally be the boss of your own party. How sweet is that? But, being the boss also means you are completely responsible for the success of failure of the party. Don’t worry though, we are here to help. Hosting your own amazing dinner party is, in fact, not that scary or difficult. There are three things you have to take care, the food, which is by far the most important, then the house set up, and finally your presence and energy. The food is critical. Make sure you come up with a menu that is light, but fulfilling. Try to have a few options as the main course, as well, and that way if anybody has any allergies or doesn’t like something you offer there is always  a plan B and a plan C. You can keep it simple, and that way you won’t turn off someone that is too picky. Find the perfect combination of simplicity and taste, like a lasagna, for example. The second piece is the atmosphere. Make sure you host the party in a part of your home that makes everybody present comfortable. Don’t just host in in a square, four walled living room where everyone will be sitting in chairs facing each other. Try to have multiple rooms and areas of interest. If you have a back yard, open it up. If you have an open kitchen, don’t be scared to invite your guests in.

The last piece is your own personal comfort and energy. As the party host, you will undoubtedly be a focal point of attention. You want to be comfortable, but also look sharp and appealing. The way you look and your energy will affect all of your guests. Wear a nice outfit, obviously not overdoing it. One great way to look sharp without overdoing it is with a nice pair of shoes. Check out these Groupon Coupons for Eastbay if you think a new pair will be a good addition to the mix. Look good, feel good, and host the party of your dreams!