Your restaurant’s décor defines its atmosphere and sets the mood for those who enter. If you don’t maintain it or update it from time to time, you end up eroding the emotional ambience that is a key part of your brand identity and a major attraction for the customers. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune renovating the restaurant. Here are 6 easy ways to improve your restaurant’s décor without breaking the bank.

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Change Your Color Scheme

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to change the look of the dining area is to paint it a different color. This is also a fast change to implement, especially if you paint an accent wall to contrast existing neutral colored walls. The right color for your restaurant will be one that complements your brand or your concept. If you don’t have a color like that in mind, know that the trend today is moretowards neutral colors.

Look for Historical Elements

A major trend in décor right now is to decorate with vintage and antique pieces. You may have items like this in storage, or you could find them at local flea markets. If you already have historical elements in the restaurant, highlight them. Reclaimed wood is becoming a popular building material, so feel free to salvage it if you can and integrate it into the existing décor. Or highlight the original parts of the building to literally build off the history you already have at hand.

Consider the Right Artwork

If you want an artsy atmosphere, decorating with a mix of paintings, sculptures and photos is a good choice. You could even give patrons information on how to buy art they like, allowing you to help local artists and give them a reason to let you place it in your restaurant. If you offer ethnic cuisine, artwork from that culture or simply pictures of those locations give your restaurant a heightened connection to it.

Get Rid of the Tablecloths

Tablecloths have long been associated with elegance and fine dining. However,they’re a headache for restaurants because they need to be washed and replaced. They also clash with the minimalist décor that’s become popular of late. The solution is to buy durable table tops for restaurants and protect them with table mats, giving customers cloth napkins if you want to maintain a touch of elegance.

Replace Those Worn and Broken Things

If your dining wear is chipped and broken, replace it. You may not be able to afford to replace all of your carpet but replacing the outer perimeter of the carpet with wood, tiles or a mosaic is an affordable alternative. Also, consider giving your business a thorough cleaning.

Update Your Menu

We’re not talking about changing the types of food you make. Instead, we’re suggesting that you replace shabby, generic printed menus with professionally designed menus that reflect your brand. Place these in stylish menu covers to protect them from stains and wear and tear while making them more upscale.

A few minor changes to the design of a restaurant can go a long way in affecting the overall feel for the place. Replacing worn, damaged, or aged items can make the entire restaurant seem like new.